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HUMAN being

Blue Team
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This project is an attempt of an immersion of spectators mind and his perception of reality into virtual body of a machine which reception is transformed by absence of the “humanity”.

Spectator is granted an opportunity to examine human emotions and customs without its heaviness of historical and social context. User has the possibility to contemplate about these things and about their position and role in present reality.

Project Desription

You have been granted the opportunity to experience our world through the lenses of a different being, your senses may be restricted but it grants you the ability to see the reality differently, importance of things we find necessary or natural has been stripped, now it is up to you to fill it with content and live them differently.

We hope it changes your perspective and enriches your thoughts about and gives you possibility to analyse things as though given. Enjoy.

  • Speaker
  • Ondřej Tyle
  • Design
  • Anna Zderadičková
  • Jirka Humpl
  • Tomáš Bilák
  • Ondřej Janoušek
  • Scenographer
  • Jozef Čabo
  • Sound design
  • Julie Fediv
  • Jan Šíma
  • Web
  • Maksym Kriventsev
  • PR & text materials
  • Šimon Chlouba

NEOS VR Manual

To install NeosVR, you must download and install Steam first.

Steam will require to log in, so you need to create an account.

NeosVR available for Windows and Linux. Download NeosVR on Steam.

You can also watch the exhibition on YouTube.

Technical information

The sound system of individual rooms is based on the concept of repeating loops of musical or only sound compositions. The content of these compositions is thus deliberately filled with musical motifs in places where the embodied theme requires the plot construction of the set, in other places the composition is composed of a combination of synthetic sound design and foley sound design techniques, which, far rather than some kind of the current atmosphere of the moment.