Modules actually present in libyuri/yuri-light. The list is not complete yet.

Module name Function Inputs/outputs Present in yuri-light Libraries required
null Discards all frames from input 1/0 YES
dup Duplicates frames from input to arbitraty number out outputs 1/∞ YES
flip Flip frames horizontally/vertically 1/1 YES
crop Crops frames to at most specified size 1/1 YES
filedump Dump frames to a file or sequence of files 1/0 YES
v4l2source Reads video from a video4linux2 device 0/1 YES
simplerenderer Shows frames in X11 OpenGL window. It can handle stereo images as well. 2/0 YES OpenGL
blank Generate blank frames. 1/0 YES
jpegdecoder Decodes JPEG frames into raw frames. 1/1 YES jpeg
jpegencoder Encodes frames into JPEG frames. 1/1 YES jpeg
pngencoder Encodes frames into PNG frames. 1/1 YES* libpng
pngencoder Decodes frames from PNG. 1/1 YES* libpng
rawfilesource Reads files and pushes them as frames. 0/1 YES
curlfetcher Uploads frames using HTTP POST and/or reads frames from HTTP. 1/1 YES* curl
anaglyph Generate anaglyph from a pair of input images. 2/1 YES
avencoder Encodes frames using specified codec using libavcodec (part of ffmpeg) 1/1 YES* libavcodec, libavutil
avdecoder Decodes compressed frames using libavcodec (part of ffmpeg) 1/1 YES* libavcodec
avscale Scales videos frames and converts between color spaces, using libswscale (part of ffmpeg) 1/1 YES* libavcodec, libswscale
tsmuxer Muxes Mpeg2 ES into Mpeg2 TS using libavformat. 1/1 YES* libavcodec, libavformat
yuri_convert Converts between color spaces, optionally using CUDA. 1/1 YES (optionally) CUDA
sage_output Streams frames to a SAGE system. 1/0 YES libsail
dvsource Reads video in DV format from device connected by IEEE1394 (firewire). 0/1 YES libiec61883, libavc1394
hdvsource Reads video in HDV (mpeg2) format from device connected by IEEE1394 (firewire). 0/1 YES libiec61883, libavc1394
vncclient Simple client for VNC (RFB) protocol. 0/1 YES boost_asio
ts_receiver Receiver for MPEG2-TS streams encapsulated in RTP. 0/1 YES boost_asio
ts_streamer Streamer for MPEG2-TS streams using RTP protocol. 1/0 YES boost_asio
libmvtp_streamer Stream input frames in MVTP-4k format. 8/0 NO libMVTP
libmvtp_receiver Receives frames in MVTP-4k format from network. 0/8 NO libMVTP
libmvtp_embedder Embeds audio into a video frame in format suitable for MVTP streaming. 2/1 NO libMVTP
libmvtp_deembedder De-embeds audio and video from a frame in MVTP-4k format. 1/2 NO libMVTP

Modules listed as YES* are present and working, but need some refactoring and/or rewrite (underlying library is deprecated, changed API or the module is using old yuri API or is poorly written)

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